Hailing from the land of blue crabs and Old Bay (sorry, we’re suckers for stereotypes), Baltimore-based group, Training for Prom, is everything your parents warned you about. As member Kelly Lloyd explains it, “We tend to like it when normal situations get progressively stranger and sillier. It’s a normal day at the office until one off-kilter thing occurs, and then things snowball into mayhem and tears. That’s our idea of a good time.” Ours, too.

Training for Prom brings longform improv to the stage, and if you’re lucky they’ll “flip reality through the looking glass.” The energy in the group keeps each member on his or her toes — Just ask Dave LaSalle. “I don’t have any idea of what’s going to happen until I’m in the scene with my scene partners,” he says. “When things are going well, no one is steering the ship and together we all get to see where it ends up.”

The group has taken their show to several big comedy festivals, including Charm City Fringe Festival, Providence Improv Fest, Big Pond Improv Fest, and the New York City Improv Festival.

As for comedic inspirations? Well, with seven members, it’s inevitable that Training for Prom brings a heck of a lot of viewpoints and opinions to the table. For LaSalle, though, it’s all about aspirational thinking. “I am mostly inspired by seeing something onstage and thinking, ‘Huh, that’s interesting, I want to know more about that,'” he says. “Then I just let curiousity and playfulness take over from there.” —Connelly Hardaway