John Brennan and Timmy Finch are Big Dicktionary, a duo that’s been kicking around the Charleston comedy scene for over a decade now. When a show’s been around that long, you know it’s good — people keep coming back for more wordplay.

We’ll start with the basics: Finch and Brennan do, in fact, utilize a large dictionary while on stage. They close their eyes, flip the pages of the Merriam-Webster (the same one they’ve used all these years), and pick a word. From there, they do what they do best: improv.

The comedians’ stage style is described as “tight and fast” and the guys aren’t afraid to come up with definitions you’ve never even imagined. In the past there have been some mishaps — one time Big Dicktionary forgot their main prop, and had to settle for the Yellowpages — but that’s all part of the fun.