This year, the High Divers had time to tour, make an album, tour, shoot a video, tour, and make yet another album, the latter of which is the ever so festive, A Very Divers Christmas. Dropped on Fri. Nov. 23, the new EP is begging to be on repeat as you decorate your tree, drink adult egg nog, and think about how much you could have gotten done in 2018 were you as talented/skilled/efficient as the High Divers.

Here’s Luke Mitchell on the EP’s song-by-song breakdown:

“Presents By The Tree”
“Presents By The Tree” was of course inspired mostly by Chuck Berry along with the Beach Boys and the Beatles. Everyone takes a solo on that one, and those blues songs are really fun to put together.

“This Christmas”
“This Christmas” is a Mary Alice original, which was inspired by that lonely feeling you get at Christmas time when you’re missing someone. Could be a lover, could be a friend, or a family member that had passed on.

“Christmas Break”
“Christmas Break” is a somewhat true story, just without the snow. None of us know what an actual “white Christmas” is like, haha.

“Kris Kringle”
“Kris Kringle” is a song about what Santa might have been like when he was younger. I got to sing like Bob Dylan after having just seen him, and had way too good a time doing it. Clay White’s trumpet solos bring it all together at the end.