The High Divers have announced a new album via Glide Magazine, who also recently premiered the band’s new video for eponymous track “Ride With You.”

Produced by former Charlestonian/current Nashvillian and Jason Isbell’s the 400 Unit guitarist Sadler Vaden, the new EP, Glide says, should position the four-piece to “break out on a national scale.”

“I think the song is a good bookmark of where we’re at as a band right now.,” says frontman Luke Mitchell. “We’re writing from a deeper and different place than we have before. With Sadler producing, he’s been pushing us to delve into more personal songs, and song subjects that are closer to us. “

“Ride With You” was written at Mitchell’s father’s home on Hilton Head Island and is a track many a transplant can relate to. “Whenever I’m back in my hometown, I get that feeling that I really can’t stay for long, and I think this song is a representation of that,” he says. “Most people feel that way about their hometowns to some extent, or they found some way to look past the monotony and make their own life. I never felt like I fit in where I grew up, so I got out — we all did.”

As for the video, the visuals document a story Mitchell had been told since childhood about people from the community discovering giant bales of weed on the beach. The mass discoveries would change lives, as one could imagine. According to a book called The Jackpot, the island was a major hub for marijuana in the ’70s, then coke in ’80s. “There was only one cop on the island for a long time, so my parents and their friends were out every night getting into trouble,” says Mitchell. “They used to use my dad’s dock to unload pot in the ’70s right before he moved in.”

The band also dropped yet another single this week titled “Could Not Be Loved,” premiered by nonprofit music source Americana Highways, and are already back in the studio with Vaden working on EP number two.

Ride With You reflects on the band’s emergence from a jarring accident out West last year, underscoring the fact that with scary moments, often follows beautiful, healing art.

Look for Ride With You on shelves on Fri. June 7.