Writes Dylan Hales:

“Mr. Conley is not only more conservative than Lindsay Graham (who isn’t?), he is in fact a Ron Paul Democrat.

This may seem strange to some, but it shouldn’t. I have argued before that the anti-corporate mentality of many “labor” Democrats could be channeled into an authentically pro-liberty message with a little education, and that seems to be Conley’s goal. Conley is not only right on war (unlike Graham’s primary challenger Buddy Witherspoon), but he is also right on trade, immigration, civil liberties and amazingly enough the Fed! While I myself find many of the social issues to be peripheral at best, Conley is a pro-life, observant Catholic. His slogan appears to be “help me fight the neocons and advance the cause of liberty”. What serious paleo or decentralist would ignore that call to action?

Already folks are counting Conley out and treating his campaign as a joke. A friend of his sent me a message today suggesting that he “accidentally won the nomination”. One can hold on to that theory if they like, but I believe it was divine intervention and I will do my best to make sure Conley is the next Senator from South Carolina.”

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