Writes Dylan Hales:

“Cars contribute more noxious gasses than cigarettes. They destroy the natural environment in ways direct and indirect. They kill more people every year than cigarettes. Furthermore the transportation bills are havens of pork. In fact this awful habit is fully subsidized by federal, state and local government regardless of the fact that it is unquestionably behind the untimely deaths of millions of people the world over. One would be hard pressed to find a single invention or product more destructive than the car, and yet I rarely hear public health advocates call for its destruction. Why is this?

Here is my guess: society is highly dependent on the automobile because the average American is extremely pampered and quite lazy. The idea of riding a bike four miles to work, let alone walking, is considered something akin to a crime against humanity. The “selfish” tobacco smokers that bitch about not being able to smoke in private businesses that have no problem with their decision, have nothing on the selfish yuppies who tootle along from suburb to suburb in their gas guzzlers destroying the paved over landscape, leaking fumes into the air, and running people off the roads to their fiery graves.

Is the above hyperbolic? Yes. But it is also true. Americans won’t ban cars because they have made the cost benefit analysis that their comfort is more important than the lives and safety of millions of people. Tobacco users make the same gamble, but it is hard to see why they should be barred from smoking in bars and restaurants that no one is required to enter, as long as automobiles are a staple of American life.

The “public health” anti-smoking crusaders are really just the latest manifestation of the do-nothing liberal mindset of “feel goodism”. Liberals who want to feel like they are helping the environment and the children call for banning cigarettes, but not cars because that is inconvenient to them personally. It is the same mindset that convinces people we can “do something” about global warming by buying and using fluorescent lights, but actively laughs at the idea of a return to family farming or abolishing NASA in its current form. It is all about them and their personal vanity and has nothing to do with creating a clean world. They are too cowardly and self absorbed to make the sacrifices needed for that.


Dylan Hales”

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