Thomas | Credit: Ruta Smith

Name: Lisa Thomas

Age: 57, damn it.

Birthplace: Binghamton, New York

Education: Penn State University.

Current profession: Owner of Ooh! Events
and Out of Hand

Past professions of interest: Tournament director for Family Circle Cup and put together the design-build program, and moved the event to Charleston.

Family: Husband, Pete Wofford, and daughter, Emma Wofford.

Pets: I LOVE animals! Leah is a springer and lab mix and is 12 years old; Ellie is a border collie; and two stray cats, Elvis, 2, and Oreo, 14.

Favorite cocktail or beverage: Champagne, of course.

Red or white, and why? Both. You drink red in cooler weather, fall and winter, and white in spring and summer.

Something people would be surprised to learn about you: My first job was reloading shotgun shells. I also was the first girl caddie in the area and had a firewood business with my brother.

Favorite thing besides your family and business: I love collecting treasure of the past and art!

Books on the bedside table: I am all over the place and have a stack beside me because some days I need to reread passages or remember certain lessons: The Gifts of Imperfection; Rules of Civility; The Power of Now; and The Soul of America. I like to learn and push myself to think differently and remember my mind does not rule me and that I can change the way I think by opening my mind and trying to see different perspectives.

Hobbies: Making jewelry, antiquing, and building or fixing up real estate.

Favorite food: Anything Italian. I love Italy. The way they live and their food is intoxicating.

Charitable work, causes: I worked in corporate America and I am not one to talk about things but I try to put my money where my mouth is and help women. My doctor, accountant, lawyers and professional services are all women. I try hard to support them as I know how hard the road was, not that I don’t love all you men out there!

Philosophy: That I am merely a caretaker of these old houses, buildings, businesses for a moment in time and it’s my job to breathe life, love and respect into all of them and leave them better than I found them. I love finding beauty in all things.