The interior is rustic and casual
  • The interior is rustic and casual

When Steve Palmer signed the lease on 479 King St. back at the beginning of 2011, he was determined to open his new restaurant, the Macintosh, as soon as he possibly could. His plan was to be operating by Spoleto. That obviously didn’t happen. He says they experienced a ton of different delays, but opening night has finally arrived. The Macintosh is ready and waiting for you to stop by for dinner, Sunday brunch, and late night snacks.

Last night, they hosted a ticketed preview party to show off the new space and raise some money for the Gavalos-Kalanko Foundation, a charity that provides scholarships to college students with special needs. Guests mingled with boardmembers Bill Hall of Halls Chophouse, Chris Price of PrimeSouth Real Estate, and Tommy Baker of the Baker Motor Company. A team of bartenders slung drinks (sans menu). We started off with a spicy, bubbly drink made with Prosecco and habañeros, a very kicky concoction. While the crowd was crushed around the bar, the smart kids (and yes, I’m talking about myself) headed toward the back where they could intercept food coming fresh from the kitchen. The bites were small but good. I particularly liked the head-on shrimp, battered and fried to a golden crisp. Other treats included smoked salmon, cute little fried balls filled with duck, beef deckle bites, and a couple others that I’m forgetting.

  • The cuties in the kitchen

Palmer beat his bashful chef, Jeremiah Bacon, out of the kitchen and into the dining room for some mingling. We managed to take a couple pictures of the notoriously camera shy guy. Once out in the room, he ably managed to chat up the guests and even offered us a tour of the kitchen. When asked for some recommendations on the menu, he said the hot and sour pork belly soup is one of his favorites. The menu is tight and focused with some seafood, pasta, pork, and beef options.

They opened officially on Thurs. Sept. 22. Reservations can be made via Open Table.

  • The elusive one in his new kitchen