As Thursday’s edition of The Morning Buzz ambled to a close, the final caller of the day had an important message for hosts Fred Storey and Sheree Bernardi: He missed Richard Todd’s objective mind guiding the conversation on 1250 AM WTMA’s morning staple.

But Storey would have none of it, refusing to let the caller speak his mind and launching into a minute-long tirade that closed out the show.

Sadly, the caller was right. It pains me to say this, but The Morning Buzz is now a shadow of its former self. And more often than not, it’s a grab bag of ill-informed rambles from Storey and paranoid rants from Bernardi.

Listening to the show, you get the sense that Storey doesn’t do his homework when it comes to the day’s events — he frequently knows less about a news item than the callers and his co-workers — while Bernardi has latched onto some bizarre theory that the socialists crafted a plan in the early 20th century that has been in operation behind the scenes ever since and which is only now bearing fruit, thanks to that strange fella in the White House, you know, the one that’s just not like you or me.

And both are guilty of regurgitating Fox News talking points with little to no reflection. Actually, I take that back. Fox News is too informed, too fact-based for them. The Goebbels-dygook that comes out of Bernadi and Storey’s mouths sounds like the kind of nonsense you can find at World Net Daily and the Free Republic. The Morning Buzz today is a news program for people who hate the news hosted by people who hate the news even more than their listeners. The lack of intellectual curiosity displayed by Storey and Barnadi is astounding. You get the sense that their main source of news comes from dubious chain e-mails and banner ads at the Drudge Report.

And to make matters worse, the typical Morning Buzz caller is no longer someone who is passionate about the issues of the day and is willing to debate whoever it may be on the radio — whether it’s Todd himself or this liberal asshole. Instead, we are presented with a collection of one-issue cranks who should be calling Coast to Coast not a morning news show.

One recent caller on The Morning Buzz called Bernardi and Storey to let them know that school buses should have rear facing seats. The call was not only completely off topic, it apparently was inspired by … well, no one knew exactly why the caller felt the need to call WTMA and let them know that rear-facing seats were the way to go — not even the caller himself. And it’s these kinds of calls that dominate The Morning Buzz far too often these days.

I really hate to say these things, I do. Storey and Bernardi are both very nice people, and they’ve always been kind to me when I’ve shown up at the WTMA studios, but I just can’t be quiet any longer. The Morning Buzz is an embarrassment.