Neil Bansil has been bringing the Most RACES Show on Earth to Charleston for a few years now and this Charleston Comedy Festival performance features two performers, Daniel Tirado and Drew Thomas. “The show is about cultural diversity,” says Bansil. “We are fully aware that the world we live in is fully diverse.”

Bansil says that since MRSOE started in Charleston (MRSOE was founded in Canada in 2005 and performs all over the country) the audience has grown “more passionate.” Especially recently. “The election has created a divide,” says Bansil. “What we do is invite people who embrace diversity to come together.” What that means, essentially, is that Bansil has no interest in appealing to close-minded or uninterested audiences — he’s not out to change anyone’s mind.

He sees the show as having universal appeal, and he sings the praises of Thomas’ ability to connect to just about anyone. “Drew fully understands how to relate to all people,” says Bansil. “He’s originally from Jamaica, and, like most comedians’ immigrant stories, he’s trying to figure out how he fits in the U.S.”

Tirado is also an immigrant, born in Spain to a Polish mother and a Peruvian father. “It’s really unique to hear their perspectives,” says Bansil. “It’s something people should see.”

Bansil says that MRSOE is always funny — it’s stand-up comedy from people who have been doing this for a while — but it also serves a larger purpose, for him at least. “I’m motivated to put on the show for a bigger reason, to give people the opportunity. I’m trying to reah out to groups that feel like there’s nothing for them in Charleston.”