One might be surprised by the fact that, out of the hundreds of musicians, singers, and songwriters in Charleston’s busy music scene, many have military backgrounds. Of these, most served their country years ago. Some still serve. The military connections provide a unique dynamic within an already diverse musical community.

The 2010 Music Issue shines the light on some of these talented individuals. Playing music on the side allows them to be expressive and to blow off steam.

Troy Miller recently retired from the Coast Guard. Singer and former Marine Doug Marshall tours with Souls Harbor. Lyndsey Goodman is a glamorous jazz/blues vocalist on stage and an Air Force pilot by day. Drummer Paul Walls recovered from combat injuries while in the Army. Bassist and former Marine Aaron Hayden blasts riffs in Masticated. Former Marine Tommy Byrne splits his time between working with Serco and gigging with the Average Savage.

The stories here reflect diversity, positivity, and a sense of service and dedication. To those military musicians about to rock, City Paper’s Music Issue salutes you.