Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame are the sweet and salty musical comedy duo known as Reformed Whores, and they’re taking on the world with their unique brand of “Southern fried feminism.” The two-piece band belts out Dolly Parton-esque melodies paired with hilariously raunchy lyrics and feminist flavor. Most of their songs are inspired by their own experiences dating and navigating the same era that’s sparked the #MeToo movement. They’re on a mission to empower, normalize, and bust a few guts in the process. “A huge priority of ours is to be a mouthpiece for women,” says Frame. “Women come up to us and are like, ‘You said the things I think about that I can’t say.’ If we can release a woman of these thoughts and fears, then that’s our number one focus.”

No subject is off-limits as evidenced by catchy little numbers like “Girls Poop Too,” “Douchebags,” “Eating Out,” and “Willy for a Day.” They tone down the sass with sweet smiles and cutesy, country costumes that stand in hilarious contrast to the lyrics. “It’s really about being true to yourself with our songs. We’re trying to empower men and women with our music and speak the truth,” explains Anderson. “Last year was a hard year for comedians because everyone’s so sensitive right now, and you have to be careful. But also we can’t stay silent in this era. Our priority is to bring people together with our music and our comedy.”

The duo met at a party in Brooklyn where they currently live. “We bonded over some hors d’oeuvres and talking about boys and stuff,” says Frame. “Marie said she played the ukulele, and I told her I play the accordion. She was like, ‘We should start a band,’ and I was like, ‘I’m coming over!’ And that’s how we did it.” Since then, they’ve performed together in comedy venues across the country. They’ve also opened for “Weird Al” Yankovic and Les Claypool, released two albums, and scored over a million views on their YouTube channel. Nevertheless, they always look forward to performing in Charleston. “People ask us all the time about Charleston. It’s our favorite place to perform,” says Anderson. “People are so hungry for our message there and ready to sing along. It’s amazing. And we love the food!” —Melissa Hayes