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Fox Carolina caught Will Folks walking into his home this afternoon and quizzed him on the claims that he had an e-mail and texting paper trail to back up his claims of an affair with gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.

He said that he had just returned from a lengthy meeting with his lawyer and that the e-mail and text messages that prove that the affair took place will be released to the media soon.

On Monday, Haley was emphatically denying the claims. But she was done defending herself by Tuesday. We’re sure Nikki Haley’s supporters were a lot more comfortable with Monday’s emphatic “100 percent” statement than with this vague “nothing more than a distraction” statement.

“For the past year now, South Carolinians have been subjected to much more frenzied media sensationalism than they ever wanted. Nikki is determined not to contribute to that. She addressed these allegations forthrightly yesterday, not only in her initial statement, but also in both the Greenville Chamber of Commerce debate and at a media availability with reporters. As she has repeatedly said, this amounts to nothing more than a distraction from the things that are most important to the people of our state. She is very thankful for the incredible support she has received this week from all across South Carolina, and will continue to keep her focus on the issues that truly matter.”