Not much left to report in this story (now Will’s got this goofy post about suggestions that he shop for a book deal).

But we wanted to address one rumor that Folks is dragging this out in an effort to increase traffic to his site.

There may be some egotistical drive to see the fever chart of unique visitors climb (for a limited time), but revenue from the increased traffic is likely minimal.

There are two aspects of revenue for blogs like this. There are contracted ads that have a set price, regardless of a spike in traffic. And then there are network ads (provided through Google) that do provide revenue based on traffic, but the revenue there is largely based on viewers who click the ad for more info. And the readers in Dubai aren’t going to be looking for a lawyer in Columbia.

So, speaking strictly in terms of a blogging business model, Will has probably got enough for a bar tab down in Five Points or, at best, a day’s trip to Carowinds. This isn’t going to be paying his mortgage.

That said, there may be another business model at foot here — there is that book idea.