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Will Folks was expecting two things yesterday after he claimed that, as a single man, he’d had an affair with married Statehouse Rep. Nikki Haley, a leading gubernatorial candidate.

He obviously thought the Columbia Free Times had something more than blind-item, Statehouse gossip. And he likely expected Nikki Haley would agree with his definition of an “inappropriate physical relationship” (after all, he says he told the campaign ahead of time that he was going public).

But the CFT story is paper thin and Folks would have been better off keeping his mouth shut. But he was too worried that some other site would get the scoop. And if FITS does one thing very well, it’s counting internet traffic.

Then, Nikki Haley called it a smear campaign. A smear campaign from the very website she had been providing insider information to just days before Folks made the announcement. You’re right, it doesn’t make any sense.

As we said yesterday, what credibility Folks has left is hanging in the balance here and he knows it. Late last night, Folks posted about two exchanges with Haley: her first e-mail to him years ago and the text he wrote to her late last week letting Haley know that he was coming out with his claims.

It’s a clear threat to Haley to come clean or legally require him to shut up. The question today is whether he’s got real proof among the other exchanges he’s kept. Nothing is worse than the dreaded stored e-mails. But sometimes these liaisons don’t have a paper trail. Stay tuned.