The folks at Live 5 News want you to know something: the norovirus is not content to prey upon cruise ship passengers. It’s after you and yours.

Stomach viruses are running rampant in the Lowcountry. The number of outbreaks this year has already surpassed the number from last year.

“I was like just leave me here on the bathroom floor please. Don’t move me don’t touch me. It was bad,” said Camille Watkins.

Camille Watkins says it was the sickest she had been in her life. The most severe symptoms lasted just one day. After days of vomiting and not eating she went to the doctor, and he confirmed she had the norovirus.

“I went to a friend’s oyster roast, and that’s how I got it and a bunch of us got it. Not every single person, but about 90% of us got it,” said Watkins.

Yikes. But here’s the thing: The norovirus is a contagious bugger and can easily spread from person to person; however, norovirus outbreaks related to oysters generally have nothing to do with person to person contact.

According to the CDC:

Some foods can be contaminated with norovirus before being delivered to a restaurant or store. Several outbreaks have been caused by the consumption of oysters harvested from contaminated waters.

Or you can just search Google for “norovirus and oysters.” You’ll find plenty of examples.

So, we’re talking about a case of apples and oranges here. A cruise ship outbreak of norovirus is one thing; a norovirus outbreak as the result of bad oysters is something else entirely.