• Uncrowned perform during the Edge’s ‘grand opening weekend’

The James Island venue known for years as the Oasis officially relaunches under the name the Edge this week. Owner Steve Hildebrand has been running things since it switched from the Reef to the Oasis in the small shopping plaza at 778 Folly Road in 2003. Aside from a few additions to the stage and PA system a few year ago, the place has been rolling along as a basic neighborhood dive and hard-rock music club. Earlier this year, word got out that the Oasis was changing its name to the Green Room. Last month, they finally revealed the new name and gig schedule.

Over the winter, local businessman Jeff Foster stepped in to consult and assist Hildebrand with promoting and booking events. “I’ve been working with Steve Knight Booking on the shows,” he says. “I’m just trying to guide things a little bit. We’re trying to capture the feel of the old Cumberland’s days downtown by bringing a mix of local and touring acts. It’s not a fancy bar or anything, but we want people to feel welcome there, whether they’re from downtown or Folly Beach or whatever. We don’t want to alienate people who used to consider it just a young-kid metal venue.”

Knight Booking’s Kally Knight, a longtime Charleston musician and promoter, is glad to see some changes too. “They wanted me to consider doing some management over there, but the booking thing has taken off, so I didn’t have time,” says Knight. “I think it needed a change in name because the Oasis has kind of a bad taste in some people’s mouths, as far as being a metal and punk venue. I’d like people to give it a chance and see it as an opportunity to see new music. I think it can become the place to see live music on James Island.”

The Edge’s grand opening weekend features Atlanta-based heavy-rock band Uncrowned on Fri. June 24 (with no cover) and Atlanta-based Mötley Crüe tribute band Mötley Crüde on Sat. June 25 (a $5 cover). See City Paper’s Music Board for more listings.