Penny Reynolds believes that love is love. It doesn’t matter if a couple is the same gender or not. “All that matters is that there’s love involved,” she says.

The wedding officiant and coordinator started her Reynold’s Treasures business in Greenville five years ago. Over the years, she mostly performed weddings for friends and family members, but over time she turned officiating into a full-time job. In 2012 Reynolds moved to Charleston, and since then she’s officiated five same-sex commitment ceremonies.

From Reynolds’ experience, same-sex couples incorporate the same elements as traditional weddings, but they also add their own unique expressions, like expanded vows. “To me, it seems like everybody’s more happy, joyous,” Reynolds says. “It’s more celebrating than it is at a traditional wedding where people are a little more serious. It’s more carefree, and everybody just seems to be genuinely happy to be there.”

Reynolds offers her clients different packages, which feature everything from complete wedding coordination to just officiating. And she can add a religious bent to the ceremony too.