If you’re looking for some sick beats and you’re tired of all the wub-wub that’s been going around, we highly recommend Worship the Sky, the latest project by Chris Morris, the one-time Rocky Horror, the 2011 winner of the Charleston City Paper Music Awards’ DJ/Turntablist of the Year.

While under the Rocky Horror brand, Morris crafted aggressive rhythms and beats, as Worship the Sky, he has created a cerebral experience of carefully interlaced layers of, dare we say it, joyful sounds that naturally ebb and flow. The end result is a refreshing experience, where the listener is allowed to go on a slow-but-steady journey instead of speeding off into overdrive the whole time. Morris’ 29-minute long Enter the Void Vo1. 1 mix is particularly ethereal, and it’s leaps and bounds better than the far more ambient and nuanced interstellar bleeps and bloops of the first Worship the Sky recordings. Give it a spin at soundcloud.com/worshipthesky. Morris has clearly found his niche.

In addition to Worship the Sky, Morris is still mixing beats as part of a collaboration with Chicago DJ Joycette called Holy Blood. If you want the amp turned up to 11, then you should be more than happy with the tunes coming from that beat factory.

Tickets are $5, and the show starts at 10 p.m.