[image-1]Brian Wolter, the Gilroy’s owner who holds the lease to 353 King St., assured us back in February that when Upper Deck closed, some high-end chichi joint would not be taking over the beloved dive’s space. Today, Wolter filled us in on the details of what exactly will be going into the bar above Gilroy’s and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. [content-1] “I’ve always had a fascination with fishing,” says Wolter. “Whether I’m in New York or Colorado (his home state) or Louisiana, I’ll go into a bait and tackle shop and the shop has slowly been turned into more of a bar. I’ve always liked that theme.”

The new bar run by Wolter will be called King Street Bait and Tackle, should open mid-August, with a menu of good liquor and canned beer — “a good assortment, just about any beer you like” — at reasonable prices, plus bar food and any item from the Gilroy’s menu.
[image-2] Wolter says they went in and deep cleaned UDT, replacing the tables and chairs and adding half a dozen TVs just in time for football season. As for karaoke, well, Wolter isn’t sure just yet if that beloved tradition will continue, but it might. Decor-wise, Wolter says think Tattooed Moose, but creatures of the sea on display as opposed to stuffed, antlered mammals.

With all the new bars and restaurants opening in the city, and specifically on King, Wolter says Gilroy’s is a dinosaur. “I couldn’t name two rare bourbons,” says Wolter, referencing an Upper King concept he saw featured on TV. “But I can serve you two hot dogs and a beer for $5.”

By now, he might have you hook, line, and sinker. Check back for updates on King Street Bait and Tackle’s official opening.