[image-1]It’s a story about music, about love, about race. It’s a story the Low-country can relate to. It’s Memphis, and it’s coming to the PAC Feb. 18-19.

Memphis is a multiple award winning Broadway musical that has garnered national attention since its open in 2009. Based on a true story, the show follows white DJ Huey Calhoun in the 1950’s. Calhoun falls in love with Felicia, a talented singer who is also a person of color. Together, they try to achieve mainstream success, but are threatened by prejudice. Will Huey’s love of music and Felicia conquer all? Or will Huey be banned from entertainment?

The show features a rock influenced score, composed by Bon Jovi member David Bryan. Broadway veteran Joe DiPietro and Bryan wrote lyrics for the piece. The PAC show is part of a National Tour, and will recreate the original choreography and direction.