The only thing in life that is better than wine is … wine … Excellent news for all you wine connoisseurs and Charles Shaw drinkers alike, The Park Cafe has debuted a wine CSA.

Since launching last month the program has featured wines like a Grenache/Carignan from Ferrer-Ribiere (a.k.a. a place in France) and a Touraine Gamay (place, grape type). 

Taking registrations for our wine CSA. You don’t want to miss these great selections! #charleston #wino

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You can sign up for three, six, or 12 bottles a month — as we always say, go big or go home. You can sign up to either pick the bottles up every two weeks or every month. By signing up, each of your bottles will work out to $15 per bottle, and you ain’t payin’ for no grape juice boxed stuff.

Indeed, the bottles are carefully chosen by The Park Café’s wine director, Mike Morris, who focuses on small production wines. Morris hails from New York City, and he says that when he first moved here, he felt there were just not enough quality wine stores in Charleston. To remedy that, he started his wine CSA.

“I taste a lot of wines that I really love, but I just don’t have room for them on my list, so [the CSA] gives me an opportunity to let the customers get ahold of these wines,” he says. “Me choosing wines is almost like showing my personality, so my customers get to know me better.”

When trying these CSA-selected wines Morris often really likes how they taste, he just can’t find room for them on the restaurant’s wine list. Lucky us. 

On top of all of this,The Park Café is offering an additional local chocolate pairing from Cacao’s Artisan Chocolate. Hello, Friday night.

For more info call (843)-410-1070