There’s a venerable tradition of underground artists in Charleston finding ways to send up Spoleto’s perceived elitism — one of my favorites dates from about eight years ago, when one could find raw baking potatoes strewn randomly about the city, often skewered on street signs, with “Spoleto Potato” scrawled on them with a black sharpie. What did it mean? Who knows. Maybe it was a self-referential commentary on the nature of “underground” art itself: potatoes, underground… (Hey, it’s a meta, meta world out there.)

What seems to be the first (of hopefully many) Spoleto parodies this year arrived at my office earlier this week. Dropped off anonymously (I felt briefly like I was in a John LeCarre novel), it’s a hand-printed red and yellow poster, with the Spoleto name at the top, an iconic lightening flash icon in the center, and McDonalds’ current marketing tagline at the bottom: “I’m Lovin’ It.” In very tiny lettering, at the bottom right corner, one can make out the phrase “’cause it’s hot.”

For opaqueness of meaning, it rivals the Spoleto Potato. A quick call to Redux Contemporary Art Studios, which has a printing press and a clientele largely comprised of Usual Suspects perfectly temperamented for this kind of thing, yeilded little usable intelligence — though Seth did suggest one name to me. For the moment, I’m classifying that bit of intel. But a look at the record, and this individual’s psychological profile, suggests what Patrick Fitzgerald might call a “person of interest.” Inquiries will be made, trust me.