The Southern-bred, NYC-based duo Reformed Whores is made up of Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame, two naughty hotties who sing about birth control (“I can barely make my rent/ With a baby I’d move to a tent”), masturbating (“Life was pretty grand/ Hardly had to use my hands”), and Rush Limbaugh (“You slut!/ Thank you!”).

The saucy pair returns to Charleston after performing at Piccolo Spoleto and Comedy Festivals past. You won’t want to miss their twangy tunes, big skirts, and a lot of dirt.

Between bed-hopping, the gals interviewed each other to let us in on their Charleston plans, farting, and what they have in common with Dolly Parton.

Katy Frame: What’s your favorite city to perform in, and which city (that we haven’t been to yet) would you like perform in next?

Marie Cecile Anderson: Well, I reckon I’ve gotta say Charleston, S.C., because the people are just so darn attractive! And I’m dying to fly across the world to Australia and perform for them hotties over there.

MCA: What is the first thing you want to put in your mouth when we get to Charleston?

KF: Well, the first thing I’d put in there, I don’t think we can print, but the second thing would be something delightful from either FIG, Husk, or our pre-show favorite, Mellow Mushroom.

KF: What’s the best and worst part of touring with me?

MCA: Best part of touring with you is that you’re just as much an adventurous eater as I am! We’ve had fried gator here in Charleston, lengua (cow tongue) in Arizona, rabbit dumplings in Austin, and the list goes on and on because we’re always hungry together.

The worst thing about touring with you is that you’re a bad influence. I always drink too much when I’m with you — because it’s really fun. I love doing keg stands with you!

MCA: What’s the best and worst part of touring with me?

KF: The best part is having a companion to see the world with and I, too, love eating a good meal with you. The worst part is when we overeat and then fart on each other all night in bed.

KF: What’s your favorite Reformed Whores song to perform alone in the shower?

MCA: One of our new ones called “Whorny.”

KF: Which one is your favorite to perform with someone else in the shower?

MCA: Our “Birth Control” song, because if I’m naked in the shower with someone, I’m gonna need a reminder.

MCA: If we could have a third member in our band, who would it be?

KF: Beyoncé! Though she’d probably take over the whole act and start a second solo career, so on second thought maybe not Beyoncé. We’re probably better off as a duo. Like if there were three of us, who would sit shotgun? And with those little cars we drive around and with all our stuff we drag from show to show, you’d probably end up just tying me to the roof again.

KF: What is your favorite fact about our new album that’s coming out in a few months?

MCA: The fact that we recorded it at the historic RCA Studio A in Nashville, Tenn. Dolly Parton, Amanda Palmer, Willie Nelson, and William Shatner all recorded there at some time. Hands down greatest experience of my life.

MCA: What can the Charleston audience expect from us Whores this year? Please tell me because I have no idea what we’re doing.

KF: Well, they can expect a dang good time, that’s for sure. They’ll be hearing some oldies but goodies, and of course, we’ll have a few tricks up our petticoats as well.