We sent our teams of reviewers out to soak up the first night of Spoleto on Friday, and their reviews are starting to roll in this morning.

So far, we’ve got a review posted of Les Ballets Trockadero (a.k.a. Les Trocks). Kinsey Giddick had the privilege of sitting near dancer Robert Carter’s enthusiastic and very proud mama:;

As he made his entrance for his pièce de résistance, the principal dancer in Paquita, the audience broke out into applause and Ms. Carter could contain herself no longer. Whoops and cheers echoed behind my seat. Uncontainable giggles emerged from her row. Clapping in sync with each rotation of Carter’s impressive pirouette’s began with her lead. There was not a person in that audience more thrilled to be there than that woman and given the overwhelmingly jovial atmosphere, that’s saying a lot.

Read her full review here.

Susan Cohen stopped by Theatre 99 for a Piccolo Fringe infusion and found Frankenmatt sweatin’ through a fun set about Godzilla and vitamin supplement pyramid schemes. (It’s improv, so don’t worry. We’re not giving anything away.)

Some of the best moments were when either Frank or Matt was left onstage alone and left to develop the character they created for just a little bit longer. Watching Craig dressing a cute animal in a Ranger Rick inspired outfit or Caeti admiring his nails were my favorite jokes of the night.

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