Local rapper Brandon Noir released a new single, “Blood on the Streets” on Sept. 25. 

The song starts with a dexterous guitar line. When Noir comes in with vocals, his voice takes the lead with heavy bass and electronic backing. At the end of the song, Noir lets the instrumentals come back and he closes with that same guitar sound. 

“Blood on the Streets” discusses the current political climate in the United States. 

The song sends a powerful message with lyrics like, “We frustrated, sick of hearing lies, want to start a revolution and it won’t be televised.” 

The song directly correlates to the Black Lives Matter movement as mentioned in hashtags on Noir’s social media. “I ain’t political, but sometimes you gotta make your voice heard,” Noir wrote on Instagram. 

“Blood on the Streets” is second single Noir has put out recently. Last week he released “DRMRS” featuring Tappster Beats.