[embed-1] In a 100 percent unpredictable Twitter exchange during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Shep from Southern Charm did his best to dish on the Fast and the Furious films and Guy Fieri, only to get a response from The Rock.

Presumably riffing on the trailer for the Fast spin-off Hobbs and Shaw starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham, Shep’s light burn on the super-popular dude franchise earned him an @ from Hobbs himself, who was just apparently trolling Twitter searching for “fast and furious” tweets.

We won’t even get into this hate on Guy Fieri, a guy who has drawn hordes of critics for his over-the-top and many times embarrassing snapshots of local communities on national television. *Looks at camera.*

Not one to stand for any of that, ol’ buddy Dwayne Johnson tossed it back at Shep, dropping worldwide revenue numbers for the Fast franchise that have jumped above $5 billion over the years.

Clearly smelling what The Rock was cooking, Shep later did his best to dial back his bored Super Bowl tweets, pledging to catch up on all the films pronto.

“Anything to keep The Rock on my good side.”