The Round-Out is the new name for our irregular look at news about the Lowcountry from outside of the region.

• The deadline for bills in the Statehouse to move from one house to the other with less than 2/3 approval has passed.

And don’t expect to see any surprise amendments on other bills. The state Supreme Court ruled today that bills with unrelated amendments are unconstitutional, striking down tax breaks on energy efficient appliances and guns because of an added amendment related to ethanol.

Maybe more importantly the court clarified its position on the recent practice of excising the one bad part of a bill and preserving the rest. The court said in this decision that will no longer be the practice, because it should be left for the legislature to decide.

• The Miami Herald sent a reporter up to Goose Creek to talk to locals about the potential for detainees to be held at the local Navy Brig. Many folks weren’t happy, but Mayor Michael Heitzler said you do what you got to do.

“(Y)ou don’t win wars by pushing responsibility down the road. If it’s our time to serve, it’s our time to serve.”

• And there was more action from Florida. The St. Petersburg Times looked at immigrants and their exit from construction and a return to field work. One of the main people they talk to in the story was an immigrant working in construction in Charleston, but he left when work dried up and is now working in strawberry fields in Florida.

“I was very sad leaving the house that day,” Lopez said. “I was as sad as the day I left Mexico.”

Photo by flickr user jimbowen0306