The Round-Out is our irregular look at news about the Lowcountry from outside of the region.

• The (Columbia) Free Times reports this week on a dust-up between Gov. Mark Sanford and Senate leader Glenn McConnell (both Charleston Republicans) over the legislator’s plans for a Statehouse police force.

“We had to do it,” McConnell says, “because of a failure on the part of [the governor] to maintain the security system at the State House.”

Oh, snap.

• The Charleston Riverdogs apparently have at least one fan in Palm Springs, Calif. The local paper gave some ink to tonight’s 1K Beer Run.

• The Wall Street Journal had a story earlier this week about a group of tourists confined to a Hong Kong hotel for seven days over swine flu concerns. Pete Cannon, referred to as a Charleston developer, was staying at the hotel, but avoided the lockdown by being out when it started. He was escorted the next day to a government-run holiday camp until the quarantine expired.

“I feel like that guy in ‘The Great Escape,’ Steve McQueen,” he said. “No matter where he goes, he’s taken back to the camp.”