This month, the Royal American will begin hosting the Eclectic Evenings series, emceed by local poet and music maker, Marcus Amaker. Each night of the series will feature three bands, as well as spoken word performances by Mr. Amaker himself. The first installment on Tues. Oct. 1 features Americana-psyche act This Frontier Needs Heroes, surf rockers Aloha Radio, and classic Southern rockers Atlas Road Crew, while Americana man Dan Walker, Triple-A rockers Elim Bolt, and noise makers Boring Portals will perform at the Tues. Oct. 15 show.

“I’ve been fortunate to host many different events in Charleston — fashion, music, poetry and more. I feel more comfortable on stage than I do in a normal conversation. Because I’m an artist and a music lover, I’ve seen both sides of the stage. That’s a quality I hope will connect with the audience,” Amaker says.

The best part: if you miss a show, you can catch it on Comcast C2, each Sunday at 6 p.m.. “If you like old-school MTV, then you’ll like this show,” Amaker says.