Sharks aren’t that scary. At least that’s what the S.C. Aquarium thinks. If you head over there during Shark Week Aug. 2-8, they’ll even show you a few things that cause more injuries than sharks. Like chairs and TVs.

Aquarium Public Relations Manager Beth Nathanson is eager to take “the bite out of sharks” with lots of shark-related activities at the aquarium, going on in conjunction with Discovery Channel’s popular Shark Week.

“There’s nothing like seeing them up close and personal,” says Nathan of the aquarium’s resident sharks. “We want to promote their conservation and help people gain an understanding and respect for sharks, instead of just fear,” says Nathan. “We want to let folks know that sharks aren’t the most dangerous things out there, but you definitely want to take care and be mindful in the ocean because you are in their habitat and their home.”

Throughout the week, the aquarium will host interactive exhibits, like the shark-themed dive show, a model shark cage you can walk around inside, educational crafts for kids, and a giant shark mouth at the entrance. Always a main attraction, the 385,000 gallon Great Ocean Tank, which is home to six different sharks, will also be open to viewers.

At the end of your visit sharks are available for adoption, but, no, you can’t take one home with you. Instead the aquarium will give you a special gift and a certificate to post on the fridge.

“We just hope people leave realizing that all sharks aren’t like Jaws,” Nathan says. All events are free with regular admission, ranging from $10-$17. For more info, call (843) 577-FISH (3474).