Score one for the P&C for running a just-in-time-for-Halloween scare-your-socks-off photo on the front page today. The photo was taken during last night’s public debate on illegal immigrants at Trident Tech, and it’s even creepier than watching Marie Osmond hyperventilate.

Here goes:

According to the P&C, the man pictured in the photo is a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

What’s the CCC, you say? A group of wannabe Jedi Council LARPers who who run a GOP-friendly blog from the dark recesses of their parents’ basement? (I know. I know. Reaching there.) Nope. According to the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, the CCC is a white supremacist group. That said, no mention of the CCC’s alleged white-power bent was mentioned in the cutline for the photo nor in the article itself.