Off the Wall

I guess in this real estate market, avoiding foreclosure is worthy of a victory tour — even if you are a celebrity. At the Pour House this Fourth of July, Who’s Bad, the ultimate Michael Jackson tribute band, returned to Charleston to celebrate more than just America’s independence. Originally set out to raise funds to help the music megastar avoid foreclosure on his palatial mansion/zoo “Neverland,” the members of Who’s Bad proudly named their 2008 showstopper the “Neverland Victory Tour.” Victory? Did anyone at the Pour House care? No. Was anyone in-tune to the fact that this year marks the 25th anniversary re-release of the Thriller album digitally remastered?? Maybe before they had been drinking ALL day. It was unfortunate. As the Michael Jackson aficionados meticulously explored decades of popularity and shame, a group of overweight frat boys hogging the front row did not appreciate the changing hairdos, costumes, or eras of music. In a drunken lull, they begged and pleaded to hear “Man in the Mirror.” Forget the moonwalk, forget the zombie fingers of Thriller, and there was no way they yearned for a grabbed crotch. Their wish was granted for the encore. They shamelessly ripped off their shirts and basked in the glow of borrowed pop culture excess. —Svetlana Minx