You might be a redneck if you’ve ever eaten a bratwurst that was shot out of a cannon by a clown at the rodeo. Yep. By that decree, there were scores of rednecks at the North Charleston Coliseum for the hardcore rodeo action that dominated the weekend. The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) rumbled into town late Friday for the fourth stop on its 30-city Built Ford Tough Series, which features the world’s top 45 bull riders all competing for a spot in the Las Vegas world finals this fall. A hybrid of rock show, World Wrestling Federation pageantry, and X Games showmanship, the rodeo was a nonstop adrenaline rush with a banging soundtrack that ran the gamut from AC/DC, naturally, to Vanilla Ice. The bulls, which are “genetically produced to deliver raw power” according to the slick announcer, exploded out of the chute time and again while the cowboys hung on for dear life and the crowd howled with glee. The PBR Barrel Man, who could leap barrels in a single bound, was the single most entertaining element of the whole show and the one responsible for all those airborne bratwurst. Incoming!

1. Katie Puza, Shivali Desai, and Kerri Newsom pose for a quick pic between sets 2. The PBR Barrel Man stashes his hat in preparation for the appearance of a particularly nasty bull (gratuitous fanny shot) 3. Cowboy booty 4. Only two of the bulls broke free for a spin around the ring, but this mounted cowboy was quick to lasso them back to the pen 5. A bull wrangler takes a well-deserved break from the nonstop action 6. Julie Roberts and Ashlee Witt give a big cowgirl yell on behalf of the Market Street Saloon 7. Mere feet from the harrowing action, Thomas and Brianna Gadsden enjoy the backstage excitement with Drew and Abby Dunkin 8. In a sea of Dickies and chaps, one cowboy stands alone 9. Angela Hiatt and Dusty LaBeth show off their western wear apparel (get a load of that belt buckle!) 10. Ride ’em!