Folks across the Lowcountry engaged in the beloved custom of celebrating heritage this past week with both Historic Charleston Foundation’s Antiques Symposium and St. Patrick’s Day festivities. On Wednesday, HCF kicked off their jam-packed week with a barbecue in honor of the hospitality industry. Thursday night played host to the preview night gala and the first sighting of Martha Stewart. By Friday morning, close to 600 guests, mostly women, were whipped into a well-mannered frenzy in anticipation of the luncheon at Charleston Place that featured Ms. Stewart as the keynote speaker. While luncheon attendees gathered in the grand foyer, the distinctive call of bagpipes sounded from below as the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade rolled down King Street. Many a lucky soul managed to escape the office on Friday afternoon and revel in the fabulous spring-like weather while strolling from one Irish-friendly watering hole to the next. The usual suspects populated their regular stools at both Tommy Condon’s and Jimmy Dengate’s. I hear Dunleavy’s also overflowed with merriment and a lively crowd. While most were slogging through pints of unnaturally green beer, a handful of well-heeled young professionals gathered for HCF’s Young Collectors party. By Sunday, recovery was moving full steam ahead and a hearty few ventured to good old Cumberland’s for some cold beer, chicken wings, and March Madness.

1. Allyson Haynes and Cat Alley greet guests at the Young Collectors Soirée on Friday night 2. The lassies reigned supreme as they promenaded down King Street on Friday 3. Erin go bragh! 4. Modern-day mating call 5. Everyone loves a parade! 6. Peggy Lewis (also known as the Mule Maven of Magnolia, Ark.) channels Daisy Gatsby with the acquisition of a feathered shrug from a dealer who specializes in vintage fashion 7. Fanio King (far right) and her volunteers are all smiles after Friday’s luncheon with Martha Stewart 8. Catherine Dority, Yvonne Evans, and Helen Hill greet guests at the Wednesday night Antiques Symposium hospitality industry barbeque 9. Queen Becky (hi Mom!) wishes Sinan Raouf, owner of Cumberland’s, a happy early birthday 10. A dead fox worn as a jock strap is always a great conversation starter