Who says Halloween isn’t scary? The alarming number of half-nekkid pop culture hootchies masquerading as legitimate costumed characters over the weekend was frightful. A trip to see Vampire Lesbians of Sodom on Thursday kick-started the ghoulish weekend. A campy romp through the ages, the gender-bending mini-epic had the sold-out audience in fits of hysterical laughter. Historic Charleston Foundation’s Young Collectors gathered Friday night at the Aiken-Rhett House to kick off a fundraising effort to match the recently awarded Save America’s Treasures grant. The interior courtyard of the circa 1818 home was the site of the carnival-themed bash, where a bearded woman, tarot card readers, game booths, a cotton candy stand, and the ubiquitous burlesque dancers that seem to be the recent gala rage entertained the fete set. A Saturday evening soiree in a stately Church Street home attracted many thoughtful and witty costumes, while a never-ending string of flamboyant vixen wannabes paraded through the Terrace and Bar 145, site of the Nightmare on Calhoun Street, late into the night. The allure of large prizes attracted a significant number of folks to the Nightmare on Calhoun Street event, but, alas, the streets were not overflowing with visions of fright and delight like in years past.