This week was slow by design. While Arts and Screen Editor Patrick Sharbaugh jetted off to Mexico to recover from the chaos of Spoleto 2006, I was content to meander through the Saturday morning farmer’s market with impish Jack Barna in tow. A trip up to North Charleston to check out a Magic: The Gathering (the trading card game played by more than six million people worldwide) tournament, a night at the Joe for a baseball game in honor of disabilities awareness, and a post-Spoleto gathering that pitted zany wine labels against one another in fierce competition rounded out the week.

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1. Lorri Isenhath picks up a bouquet from the Charleston Flower Market and trays from Pete’s Herbs 2. Saturday was a day for dogs and… 3. …children! 4. A wandering soul (we didn’t quite understand the message on the tablets) 5. A simple hug goes a long way 6. Maggie Hackett, Meri-Winston Winn, Bill Antonetti, Jesse Hendrix, and Lauren Bradley enjoy Art After Dark at the Gibbes 7. Sandra Vanhoose takes on Michael Swartz 8. Art for sale, a sun hat, and a comfortable chair make for a pleasant morning at the market 9. Grand masters compete for the quarter million dollar prize 10. The Miracle League is commended prior to the first pitch