ChasDOC and the Coastal Conservation League held a sneak preview of Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth at the Terrace Theatre on Thursday night. Dr. Heidi Cullen, a climate expert with the Weather Channel, answered questions from the audience after the thought-provoking film, while a lovely catered reception encouraged guests to mingle in the lobby and discuss the alarming statistics related to global warming.

The Center for Advancement of Foodservice Education (CAFE) held its annual leadership conference in Charleston this past weekend, with New Orleans Chef Paul Prudhomme serving as keynote speaker. A “Taste of Lowcountry Cuisine” was held at the Culinary Institute of Charleston on Friday. Student chefs-in-training manned endless food stations with recipes courtesy of noted local chefs.

A two-day BBQ cook-off and bluegrass festival took over the grounds of Boone Hall Plantation on Friday and Saturday. With over $10,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, professional grill-masters and amateur tailgaters sidled up alongside one another for a shot at hickory-smoked glory.

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1. Like moths to a flame, Sandy Nivins and F.B. DelPorto are drawn to the giant inflatable bottle of Pam cooking spray 2. Self-proclaimed “Kings of the Pork Butt” Jerry Cahalan and John David Madison celebrate their handiwork on the grill with a couple of cold beers 3. Chef Paul Prudhomme autographs his cookbook for a convention attendee 4. When the adults are away, the kids will throw themselves pell-mell down the jump castle 5. Rear view of the week: Cellphone in one hand, beer in the other 6. Big Daddy’s award-winning barbecue 7. Magwood shrimp receives rave reviews from guests and student chefs alike 8. Selling sno-cones proved rather lucrative on Saturday

9. Charleston Documentary Film Festival director Justin Nathanson and climate expert Dr. Heidi Cullen take a break from the question and answer session