Redux Contemporary Art Center moved South of Broad Friday evening for a special fundraiser at the Mary Martin Gallery of Fine Art. Invasion featured limited edition prints created by Redux artists, and it attracted a well-rounded crowd of hot scenesters. Later that evening, some of the Redux attendees traveled to what felt like the other end of the universe — Mt. Pleasant’s Brickyard Plantation — for the Quiksilver and Roxy fashion show, which was staged at Elysium Salon. The front of the salon was flanked by an enormous barbecue spread while a live skateboard demonstration took place outside the salon’s back door. Inside, a crush of scantily-clad people navigated the dimly-lit venue and jockeyed for a spot at the bar. Familiar faces included DJ Moo Moo, who is cooking up a birthday celebration that promises to be one of August’s hottest parties, and DJ James Belk. Mash-ups are my current obsession and someone spun some incredibly hot tracks as the models strutted down the catwalk. E-mail me that AC/DC track, please!

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1. A lively young lass at the Redux print sale 2. Bobby Lampshades goes invert 3. Terrance Smith and Jamie Boland chat outside Elysium 4. Dominique Grant and Andrea Serrano flank Grant’s print at Invasion 5. Trick skater Alec Von Inz, with dad Adam and Ryan Wham 6. Nick Thompson with Jen Sample 7. A cosmopolitan art collector (a.k.a. Jeff Kopish) spotted on Broad 8. Dwayne Nalty, Maggye Farmer, and Heather Sweigard arrive at Elysium eager to see the summer fashions 9. James Belk (right) spins hot tracks behind the salon counter 10. Patrick Servedio and Christy Harris 11. Chuck and Chad Bennett navigate the Edisto boat landing on the 4th of July