Saturday night was prime time for cavorting scenesters. The streets of upper King Street were filled with festively dressed merrymakers en route to Tonik for a Wild West party. Guests were decked out in their best down-home styles: short denim skirts and cowboy boots were de rigeur for the gals while the dudes looked like ranch hands in their white tees, dark jeans, and straw hats. Decor resembled a rustic barn, and a lively mash-up of country and hard rock tunes lured folks to the dance floor rather quickly.

Telltale signs that the National Governors Association meeting had arrived in Charleston over the weekend included the abundance of Secret Service security forces and people sporting large security credentials on downtown streets. A couple dozen governors opted to attend the four-day conference, and they enjoyed the best the Lowcountry has to offer throughout their stay. After an enchanting dinner in an air-conditioned tent on the grounds of Drayton Hall Saturday night, attendees gathered at Liberty Square for a barbecue and banana pudding extravaganza that ended in a dazzling fireworks display over the harbor.

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1. Gwen Thurmond and Gale Bivines, behind-the-scenes masterminds, take a moment to reflect on the weekend’s success 2. Bobby Sullivan and Mary Alice Keller handle the governors’ transportation with aplomb 3. Amy Lutz, Meredith Siemens, and Corey McGahan get ready to do their best boot-scootin’ boogie 4. Walter McCants and Sandy Nivens 5. Len Hutchison, Tommy Peters, and Bobby Collins greet guests upon arrival at Liberty Square 6. Marilyn Buist and Martha Bratton 7. David Schrum and Michael Fim 8. Laurie and C.H. Maguire with Pam Pearce 9. Ashley Gunnin and Tara Stewart 10. Boo Collins with her lovely daughters Molly, Emelie, and Lucy — smiles all around that the rain held off long enough to enjoy the Sunday night festivities