The scene this past weekend undeniably centered around music. Friday kicked off the entertainment with the highly-anticipated Walkmen show at the Music Farm. Fans eagerly awaited this Camel-sponsored event and looked forward to seeing opening acts Bobby Bare Jr. and local group The Specs.

Later Friday night, it was a quick hop over to Cumberland’s to catch The Draft — part of Johnny Puke’s Birthday Bash — taking the stage after Genrevolta and Thunderlip. Saturday night brought more of the fifth annual birthday bash, with a reunion of Johnny’s own band Cletus headlining after an eight-year hiatus. Presiding over the ceremonies was Chicago personality Rory Lake, who gave away door prizes and entertained the crowd with his antics.

Sunday night saw another reunion, that of La Calle at Lite Affair. With favorite son Kevin Taylor returning from San Francisco for a quick visit, many of his musical projects could be seen around town over the weekend.

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1. Local act The Specs open for The Walkmen at the Music Farm on Friday 2. Mathew Shrock and Lisa Epps at Cumberland’s Saturday night 3. La Calle use projections to complement their musical renditions 4. Chicago’s Rory Lake journeys down south once again to emcee Johnny Puke’s Annual Birthday Bash 5. Starla, Somya, and Catie came out for The Draft Friday night 6. Camel provided the ambiance at the Music Farm 7. Johnny Puke and his band Cletus get the audience involved for the first time in eight years 8. Ryan Hendrick and Ivan Soler-Remus at the Music Farm 9. Drummer Scott Price and bassist Chris Lewey of Cletus