After working in West Ashley for close to four years, it was inevitable that I would end up at Cisco’s Café at some point, and that time came Wednesday night when my friend Gena and I went to hear Bring Out Your Dead. The local quartet swapped instruments and microphones as often as Britney Spears changes depression meds, and they took us back to high school covering bands like Oasis, Matchbox 20, and Green Day, with some great originals in between. Erin Johns’ amazing vocals and lyrics definitely stood out, and I’m sure we’ll see lots more of her around town, hopefully closer to the peninsula. On Thursday night, Theatre 99 hosted a fundraising benefit for the New Music Collective. The Kopaja Quintet with Bill Carson impressed the crowd, improvising upbeat arrangements, Quentin Baxter jammed out on the drums, and Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst finished the night off with some great country blues. Three truly amazing performances. Monday, traffic on King Street was diverted to make room for The Lacoste Fashion Show, which was held on a runway right in the middle of the street. A crowd of about 250, plus some passers-by, saw tennis fashions and a few athletes, including Tatiana Golovin, who won the Amelia Island Open last week. Of course, Lacoste is the official apparel sponsor for the Family Circle Cup and they joined forces with Pet Helpers to find parents for a few cute dogs. Despite being a tad dull, the show was a great way to promote the Family Circle Cup and give Monday’s tourists a big thrill.

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