Last Thursday I went to the Circular Congregational Church and saw Ted Hearne’s Katrina Ballads, presented by Yes is a World and the New Music Collective. Letters and quotes from people like Kanye West and Barbara Bush were sung with some really interesting music played behind it. We were blown away and, to date, it’s my favorite Piccolo Spoleto event. I started the weekend by seeing The Dangerous Strangers of Cabaret Kiki Present the Rogues’ Gallery. It was a great and exciting performance that I recommend to anyone who appreciates local talent. Nathan Koci probably thinks I’m stalking him, because that was the second night in a row I saw him perform. It was really great to see the Bivins brothers on stage again, and I told Matt about sneaking into Rockafella’s in Columbia to see Jump, Little Children when I was in high school. Late Friday night, I found myself at the Gaillard for the Spoleto Soirée and while the theme and the art projected on the walls were cool, the event itself was pretty flat. It reminded me of a college sorority mixer, except nobody was trying to hook up. Saturday, I had planned to go to Marion and Wragg Squares and Folly Beach, but Tropical Depression Barry put a slight damper on that idea. I did go to Oakbrook Plantation in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday night for a really good wedding. Luckily, the tent didn’t blow away and I met some fun new friends.

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1. The Maxx kept our minds off the hurricane outside at Oakbrook Plantation 2. Yes, Mr. Turtle? 3. A one-man-band on the corner of Market and Church. He was singing “Kryptonite” 4. Kevin Harrison puckers up at the Soirée 5. Yes is a World and The New Music Collective at the Circular Church 6. Cary Ann Hearst, Ash Hopkins, Matthew Bivins, and Nathan Koci as the Dangerous Strangers 7. A painted thinker at the Soirée 8. Jason and Meg at the Soirée 9. Abby Fischer singing in Katrina Ballads 10. Carrie Mann, Susan Tatum, Sarah Robertson, and Christy Whitehead at Oakbrook Plantation 11. The official Spoleto poster at the Gaillard

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