“Do you have a knife? I’m trying to cut my underwear off because it’s digging in to me.” — A teen under the American Theater marquee before the premiere of the skateboarding film Picture Start

A Cut Above

Kid with a knife nearly upstages skater flick

Walking up to the American Theater on Saturday to catch a seat for the Fairmont Skate Shop’s movie, Picture Start, I passed through a clique of high school kids with dyed hair, jeans way tighter than mine, and cigarettes clutched between their frozen fingers. It was 7 p.m., and one kid was busy cutting his boxers out of his jeans with a pocket knife. It’s so hard to be emo.

At the ticket counter, kids dressed in the latest punk garb anxiously waited for the ticket taker to take their $6.50, while inside the theater was packed with supportive hipsters and their cool parents, beers in hand. As local superstars Morgan Hallman, Leo Simonin, Dan Plunkett, and Corey Dowds showed up fashionably late, giddy girls ran up to them to give them hugs while the guys casually passed by, giving props and high fives.

Once the film started, surprised gasps and encouraging cheers erupted from the crowd as they watched the team of skaters perform one gravity-defying trick after another. Forget backyard half-pipes. Forget empty pools. For these guys, all of Charleston is a skate park. Watching Picture Start, I was struck with the urge to pull my old board out from under my bed and hit the streets. —Svetlana Minx

Gore Ain’t a Bore

These rock chicks came to kick ass

Oops! I forgot to wear black and fashion my ‘do into a mini-mohawk for the Gore Gore Girls show at the Map Room Wednesday night. I just haven’t gotten used to the idea that in order to stay in the music loop, I might have to leave downtown. But as I survey the crowd of smokers outside the Map Room, I realize I haven’t seen the body-piercing, punk rock crowd downtown in a long, long time. Maybe they are ahead of the scene, and I simply haven’t been evolving. Either way, female bands are hot, especially Detroit’s Gore Gore Girls. These gals not only rocked harder than Mt. Rushmore, but they did it in dangerously short go-go dresses. The fishnet clad kids on the floor approved. These four girls played with such a badass attitude that even when they broke their equipment down they sizzled. —Svetlana Minx

“If you can give me 50 cent, I can get two big ol’ liters next door. I just came in to get out of the cold. Dang, it’s cheaper next door.” — a visitor to Porgy’s Other Place on Thursday night