Dick Harpootlian is a gay-baiting racist, a festering nut-sack sore who more than suggested that two well-respected South Carolina Republicans — Lindsey Graham and Glenn McConnell — are poof-poof boys and that our state’s often-embattled GOPer guv, Nikki Haley, is a third-worldly other who needs to go back to wherever the hell it is that she came from. Fuck him and fuck the S.C. Democratic Party for not condemning their former party chair each and every time a slur oozed out of the throbbing abscess he calls a mouth. Their cowardice speaks volumes about the sorry state of Palmetto State politics and the degree to which the hate-mongering good ole boys still run the show. 

[image-1]And with that out of the way, it’s time to move on to new business, that business being yesterday’s fundraising email from SCGOP chair Matt Moore. In it, Moore wrote:

Our South Carolina Republicans are fighting on so many fronts and need your help. We’re working to defund ObamaCare, grow South Carolina’s economy, expose and abolish the IRS, and get answers on the cover-up in Benghazi.

Now, most folks are getting all fired up over Moore’s decision to call the IRS “Obama’s Gestapo” in the subject of the email. That’s to be expected. But frankly, politicians have been tossing around this whiskey-dick rhetorical device for so long that no one should really even care anymore. Obama’s a Nazi. Boehner’s a Nazi. Bush was a Nazi. Clinton was a Nazi. Hell, some have even had the gall to call Adolf Hitler a Nazi. Where the fuck will it end?

What should really concern everybody is that the SCGOP has decided that their future lies in capturing the Alex Jones-Fair Tax-Paul family demo, and in order to do that, they’ve added a “let’s destroy the IRS” plank to the state Republican Party platform.

No one who is even remotely serious about holding public office over the long term will toss this out as a possibility. Abolishing the IRS won’t and can’t happen. As a state that gets back $1.92 from Uncle Sam for every buck it pays in, abolishing the IRS would be a death sentence to the parasitic populace of South Carolina. Like it or not, we are the low man on the human centipede daisy chain, and if it wasn’t for the federal government’s redistribution efforts, we would fucking starve.

And you know what makes Matt Moore’s email even worse? He and his cohorts refuse to explain how and when they decided to adopt this bold new approach to batshattery. Believe me. We asked. Again and again.

However, none of this should really shock anyone. The power of the GOP establishment in South Carolina is quickly being usurped by an increasingly radicalized gang of grassrooters who are blindly following anti-government demolition experts like Jim DeMint, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul into the libertarian wilderness of candyland anarchy, a peachy-keen place where businesses are free to pollute and plunder and enslave; our public roadways, waterways, railways, and electric highways are nothing more than unfunded piles of rubble; and each and every day we have to shoot and kill our meals, which may or may not include the sick, the poor, and the young. This is cannibalism with a smile and fratricide as a political ideology. This is not how government works, and believe you me, our government needs to be working. 

All of which is why the big boys in the South Carolina Republican Party need to put a stop to this donkey show before somebody gets spurt and Uncle Sam has to come down here and clean up the mess Matt Moore and his lackeys have made.