The CBS Reckless Extras’ Facebook page is finally getting updated after a fairly quiet summer. The casting call for Adam Rodriguez’s stand-in is gone, and two new stand-in calls have been posted in its wake. Now, they need a Caucasian, blonde girl who is 5 feet 5 inches tall to stand-in for Georgina Haig. That ought to be an easy one. They’ll have their pick from CofC’s plethora of young ladies that fit the bill. The crew also needs a stand-in for Kim Wayans, a 6 foot tall African-American lady. The availability requirements and pay are the same as with Rodriguez — July 30 to mid-December, Mon. through Fri., and $80 for eight hours with time and a half for anything over that. Pictures of the actresses are posted on the Facebook page, along with more details about how to apply.

Fit the description? Head over to the Facebook page for details on how to apply.