Say what you will about Will Folks — and believe me, I could say plenty … in fact, I’ve said a lot to Will personally — but you’ve got to hand it to the guy. You can always count on him to scoop the dailies and the TV stations every once and a while.

And this goes without saying, but Sic Willie knows a controversy when he sees one.

A new post featuring Sen. Glenn McConnell just might be the latest controversy coming to us courtesy of Mr. Folks. The reason: FITSNews seems to have come into possession of a photo featuring McConnell in a Confederate uniform and two African Americans who appear to be dressed in slave garb at a National Federation of Republican Women event in Chucktown.

Head on over to FITSNews to see what the hubbub-to-be is all about.

Haire of the Dog has calls out to McConnell, the National Federation of Republican Women, the NAACP, and the SC branch of the NAACP.