The Shaniqua Brown’s show at the Pour House Friday night (Aug. 19) was nothing short of volcanic. Lead singer Rachel Kate Gillon anchored the energetic event. Each of the three bands on the bill was fronted by a powerful and vibrant woman.

The show heralded the official release of the Shaniqua Brown’s debut full-length, The Shaniqua Brown.

Openers the Royal Tin Foil charged through a series of foot stomping songs that got the crowd up front and dancing. Lead singer Lily Slay layered soulful blues over playful harmonica hip shakers.

The stage was then transformed by twin LED beams backlighting the Savannah, Ga.-based trio Cusses. Guitar, drums, vocals — it was a simple recipe that they used to create a huge sound. Black-eyed Angel Bond took the lead and pranced and danced through atomic rock songs. Drummer Brian Lackey kept up a high level intensity that set the bar high for when the Shaniqua Brown took the stage.

The stage was a forge for Gillon, and the mic was her anvil. She pounded through their set with ferocity that electirified the room. It was already hot inside, and the energy level raised the temp even higher. A pit even started spinning around about halfway through the set, but tempers were kept in check.

With new guy Jamey Rogers on guitar, the band’s sound has filled out in a big way. Now, with twin Telecasters, there is a growling sustain to the songs.

It was a powerhouse of a rock show and hinted of big things to come from the Shaniqua Brown.