You’ve seen the video of a Folly Beach police officer pepper-spraying and arresting Erik Rodrigo Torgusen, but it’s what happens after the clip ends that’s really shocking. The viral hit stops before a Folly officer tasers a man who authorities claim interfered in Torgusen’s arrest

According to a Folly Beach Public Safety report, Brett D. Ricker “put his hand” on Cpl. Ryland Reed, who was attempting to arrest Torgusen. In response, another deputy, Michael Keegan, brought Ricker to the ground, but then he “stood back up.”

Keegan took down Ricker again, but he attempted to get back up again. Keegan then “grabbed onto [Ricker]” as another officer, Ralph Bryan, “deployed his taser.” The taser’s prongs became lodged in Ricker’s skin covering his abdomen. Bryan then fired the taser for three seconds. Keegan received a jolt as well, since he was touching Ricker at the time the taser was deployed. After recovering from the shock, Keegan assisted Bryan in arresting Ricker.

Once Ricker was in handcuffs, Bryan removed the prongs from Ricker’s abdomen.

Ricker later refused medical treatment at the scene, according to a public safety report. Torgusen, however, sought help at the scene, asking fire personnel for a bottle of water to wash out his eyes. They complied and even washed out Torgusen’s eyes. Later a medic cleaned his face with ice water and soap.

Ricker and Torgusen were then taken to the county jail.

And now you know … the rest of the story.