Leslie’s Sadler Vaden refuses to divulge which American-themed songs he and the Shrimp Records crew will dust off at the Salute to America at the Pour House this week. “We have a whole list of songs,” he says. “We’ve got the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ in there, but some of them aren’t your typical American songs, but I can’t list any. You’ll have to come out and see.”

After pressing for even a tiny glimpse of what they have in store, he relents, saying, “The only thing I can tell you is that I’ll be doing [John Mellencamp’s] ‘Little Pink Houses.'”

As for the rest of the show, the Shrimp Records family — Cary Ann Hearst, Michael Trent, Bill Carson, Jack Burg, Jamie Resch, Lee Barbour, Vaden, and others — will be meandering in and out of each other’s songs and generally having a great time.

Early in the program, various artists will do mini-sets of original music before they take a break and, in Vaden’s words, “Americanize the crowd with music, with lots of renditions and cool covers.” The rest of the night will be all America-themed, with flags flying and decorations galore. It’ll feature the festive, party atmosphere that permeates every Shrimp family show.

Pour House proprietor Alex Harris developed the idea with Hearst and Trent after noticing that there were no new Shrimp albums to release. The search for a reason to celebrate ended quickly when they settled on the date. However, it may be one of the last times to see Leslie or Hearst and Trent for a while, as both acts embark on long tours this summer and fall.

While Shrimp regular Joel Hamilton will be missed, local songstress Lindsay Holler joins the fun, as will Gerald Gregory on the piano.

“I’ll be playing several instruments, definitely some bass, and drums as well” says Vaden, referring to the Shrimp tradition of musical chairs, where everyone spends at least some time on virtually every instrument.

It should be just like any typical Fourth of July celebration, except, as Vaden says, “All the fireworks will be on stage.”